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Dance Classes

We currently hold evening
dance classes in:

Blackpool, Barrow, Lancaster and Preston.

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Frequently Asked Questions..
How much do the classes cost? All our classes are "pay as you go" . There are no course fees. Classes vary in cost depending on venue, length of class etc. Email for individual costs. Its cheaper than the gym!
Do I need to sign up or book the lessons? NO. Just come along and pay as you go.
Do I need a partner? NO. You can come by yourself, you will meet lots of other single people there. If you have a partner, great, you can practice with them but in the class you will be rotated around so that everyone gets chance to dance with someone.
I really want to start but i'm feeling shy about coming on my own? Don't worry. Everyone who has started something new has felt like this. We are a friendly bunch and no one will make you feel embarrassed. Everyone in the class has the same goal, they want to learn to dance, just like you... all we assume is that you can walk!
What happens if i miss a week or two? We always go over what we did last week for those who may have missed a week and those who may have forgotten.
Am I too old? NO! Our classes attract a broad range of ages, sizes and personalities. One thing in common is that we all want o dance, and that's what matters. We have young adults still in school through to mature dancers who are retired Everyone is welcomed by our instructors and students alike. Age is certainly no guide to ability or enthusiasm..
I am a teenager, can i attend the adult classes? YES, you will feel very comfortable in all our classes. many families attend as a fun social event.
What should I wear on my feet? First and foremost... something comfortable. Lots of men and women wear leather soled shoes which are good. ladies usually prefer something with a slight heal, which is fine if you are used to them. A shoe with an enclosed toe area is good for beginners. Don't wear flip flops or strappy sandals as you will spend most of the class trying to keep them on your feet!
Where can I buy proper dance shoes. You don't really need "proper" dance shoes to get started. But, if you find that you really enjoy dancing and wish to continue, you will be amazed and surprised by the support that dance shoes offer. There are many internet sites as well as retail dance shops which offer a good selection. Ask someone at the classes or we can recommend Bespoke-Dance-Shoes
What clothes should i wear? For Latin/Ballroom/salsa, something smart casual. It really does not matter what you wear as long as you are comfortable and can move freely. At the events you will have every chance to dress up!
Do I need to bring anything? Only your sense of humor and a good attitude as you will have a great time.
I'm not sure I know what style I want to learn? Just come along to any class. You WILL enjoy it and you will soon find a style of dance which suits you best.
Can you teach me to dance for my wedding or special occasion? YES, but try to give yourself some time. 3-4 months should see you become more than competent in your chosen dance style. By learning to dance sooner rather than later, you will have less to worry about on your special day.
Where can i get some good music to practice with? There are lots of dance albums around in the shops but its always a good idea to ask us for advice. depending on what style of dance you want to learn we will be able to offer good advice. We also sell some compilation CD's with some great tracks to get you going. Just ask us or email us.


We make dancing fun and easy!!!


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