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Night Of The Stars...
James and Ola

Night of the Stars is an evening of dance held at the Tower Ballroom at which you get your chance to see some of the best dancers in the world in a live show case of their talents. Organized, hosted and compared by Jason & Shemayne the night is always truly great experience for all.

Ian & Camilla

On 9th January Camilla Dalarup and Ian Waite spectacularly kicked off the first 'Night of the Stars' of 2009.  Camilla, fresh from winning the Strictly Come Dancing 2008 title, and Ian gave five stunning performances to a capacity Tower Ballroom.  Showcasing their Latin dances, they first entertained the enthusiastic audience with the Jive, Cha Cha Cha and Samba.

They moved onto the their dramatic 'Phantom of the Opera' themed Paso Doble, before finishing with their favourite dance, the Rumba, beautifully danced to Michael Crawford's 'The Story of My Life'. 

Afterwards Camilla and Ian signed autographs and posed for photographs late into the night before returning to London to continue their rehearsals for the Strictly Come Dancing national tour.  The couple are always very welcome at the Tower, and we look forward to their return.

During the evening the Dance with Passion Juvenile 6 couple team premiered the routine that they will be performing at the Junior "Open to the World"
Championships in April.

For photos of the night click here see the Photo Album


Vincent & Flavia

Night Of  The Stars 4 was held on Friday 16th February and featured 2 of the newest stars of “Strictly Come Dancing “Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace. They gave a show case of latin dancing and performed their world famous Argentinean Tango. A great time was had by over 1000 people who came to the event and saw a truly unbelievable spectacle of dance.

Vincent and Flavia performing an electric show at the Night of the Stars event on February 17th.

See more photos of the night in the Photo Album

To see some video sequences from the show click here.

Night Of The Stars 3 featured Anton Du Beck & Erin Boag who gave a top class show of ballroom dancing to a packed house at the Tower Ballroom Blackpool. They were joined by the Dance with Passion Juvenile 4 couple team who also gave a great show on the night.
Ian & Camilla At the Night of the Stars 2, in May 2006, a great night was had by all with a stunning cabaret given by our celebrity couple Ian Waite and Camilla Dalarup.
The first of these events was held in early 2006 when over 800 people packed the Tower Ballroom to witness a truly stunning show by the back to back winners of Strictly Come Dancing and British Professional Latin Champions Darren Bennett & Lilia Kopiliova.
darren * lilia Darren & Lilia Pose for photos after the Tower event in March 2006
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